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Reviewed by JohnM0826 on 03/10/2010.
Member since March 2010, Total Reviews: 1 (Danvers, MA)
Whenever I am in southern CT I always make sure to eat here. The fresh pasta and seafood is to die for- an absolutely exquisite dining experience. The Chef's attention to detail and fresh ingredients comes through in every dish - A must try ... after eating here once it will be your go-to Italian restaurant

Edith M.
New York, NY
I came here for a graduation dinner and we had a set menu.
OMG.  I'm lucky this place doesn't exist in NYC because I'd be eating here all the time.  
We had fried mozzarella, stuffed mushrooms and fried calamari for starters, then caesar salad, then salmon, then ice cream, then cake, etc..  It'd be shorter if I said what we didn't eat.

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