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Trattoria Ponte Vecchio, named after the famous bridge in Florence, Italy, is located in the heart of Fairfield, CT, and offers distinct and authentic specialties, with a delightful mix from across Italy.

One such Italian dish is the “Gamberi Ai Limone”, jumbo shrimp served over a bed of escarole and beans with a light lemon wine sauce.  

Dishes such as “Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe”, a traditional roman dish with pecorino cheese and fresh pepper, or “Vitella Delicata”, veal scaloppini with shitake mushrooms and roasted tomatoes in a cognac cream sauce, are classic Italian dishes.  

Finally, to complement the traditional recipes, our Chef Giannino Cavalli has added his own innovation and creativity, with dishes such as “Orecchiette Paesane”, which is our new pasta dish with mushrooms, bacon, and fresh mozzarella with a hint of cream

Buon Appetito!

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